Learn To Play Guitar In Parramatta

At G4 Guitar Parramatta we are now taking new student enrolments. You can learn at our studio or online. G4 Guitar lessons are based on a uniquely structured method developed over a 30+ year span.

  • Suitable for ages 4 years to adults.
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate players.
  • Enrolling now!

To enquire about lessons you can fill in the form or phone us on 0421 541 587.

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Why learn with G4 Guitar Parramatta?

G4 Guitar was founded in 2005 by David Hart. David has been teaching guitar and developing teaching methods since the 1980's. When you learn with G4 Guitar you will be receiving expert tuition using a method based on over 30 years of research.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

Everyone is different in terms of how quickly they progress but as a rough idea, it takes about 2 years to reach a level where you can comfortable play a good number of songs. It of course takes much longer to master the guitar. When you learn with G4 Guitar you will generally progress faster because we focus on essential skill development.

Where are we located? 

Our studio is located at 8 98/96 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW